Halal Beef & Chicken

MEFTA is a global exporter of premium Halal prepared beef, chicken and other poultry meat that is hormone free, vegetarian fed, humanely raised and can be finished to your specifications. We have access to genetic lineage, point of origin, and slaughter of our animals through very close relationships with individual producers and production facilities in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


We also provide all logistical solutions to insure that your product arrives safely. Procurement, shipping and logistics are coordinated from our offices in the USA and Brazil. Whether you want the meat product FOB Buenos Aires, CIF your preferred port or Air Freight, we are prepared to deliver the beef product.


We offer Halal meat products, which abide by Islamic law. Halal food is the fastest growing food sector in the world. Over 1.9 billion Muslims demand Halal certified meat and the global Halal food market exceeds 2.1 trillion dollars, spanning pharmaceuticals, leather, services, food and cosmetics. Quality is the key defining factor of this market and this is dictated primarily by the guaranteed observance of stringent ethical and religious approaches to animal husbandry and management.


MEFTA prides itself on successfully maintaining close relationships that allow us direct access to supply markets, a quality multilingual staff, and a thorough knowledge in the global meat and poultry sector. We can help you to feel at ease in the world of international meat supply and trading.

Contact us for your halal beef and poultry meat buying needs.