Bitumen 60-70

MEFTA exports bitumen from world renown refineries and provides flexible production, financing and drumming solutions.


Our bitumen is supplied with SGS product inspection and quality certification service to ensure maximum quality and transaction security for our clients.


Highly viscous, bitumen is suitable for a plethora of commercial applications and remains enduringly popular because of its waterproofing and adhesive qualities. From penetration grades, suitable for road construction, to cutback grades, for paving, to industrial quality oxidized and hard grades, MEFTA can expertly guide you through the supply and delivery process, from procurement, freight, insurance, financing, drumming, quality assurance and control.


Bitumen is derived through the distillation of crude oil, and is an organic combination of liquids that occur naturally or are refined by a boiling process that engenders fractional distillation.


Through deeply established, diverse and enduring connections with the most reputable and competitive primary producers in the Middle East, we are able to provide high-grade product at a price that is fair, yet reflects the quality and high standard of the materials and the rigidly regulated manufacturing process.


Factors such as the true quality of the grade, the additional packaging costs, rogue suppliers mixing filler material for profit and the volatile oil markets impinge on your bottom line. MEFTA moves fluidly with the current market and navigates emerging trends in order to deliver the best possible result.


MEFTA deals with industry regulated suppliers who are fully compliant with the standards set by the AASHTO – AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF STATE HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION OFFICIAL STANDARDS


For 3 millennia bitumen has been used by civilizations around the globe, and today, this product is still dominates because of its strength, adhesively, viscosity and highly reusable nature. MEFTA takes its responsibility as a pivotal link in the safe supply chain of this product seriously, and works responsibly within all ‘best practice’ and legal requirements delineated by governing and regulatory bodies in Europe, America, Asia and all relevant developing nations. MEFTA supports the process of ongoing review and systemic reflection in all key areas affected by the bitumen trade, particularly scientific advancement, environmental sustainability and the support of a system of fair-trade. MEFTA contributes to charitable organizations that work to provide infrastructure, education and support to developing regions.

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