Milling Wheat

MEFTA is a superior source of milling wheat for export markets in the Middle East and Africa with origination sources ranging from Pakistan to the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Read More


MEFTA’s soybean origination sources include the USA, Brazil and Argentina. Read More


MEFTA exports superior grades of seafood from Latin America to markets within the Middle East, East Asia and Europe. Read More

Halal Beef & Chicken

MEFTA is a global exporter of premium Halal prepared beef, chicken and other poultry meat that is hormone free, vegetarian fed, humanely raised and can be finished to your specifications. Read More


MEFTA supplies the full spectrum of Vietnamese, Pakistani and Thai origin rice varieties Read More

Bitumen 60-70

MEFTA exports bitumen from world renown refineries and provides flexible production, financing and drumming solutions. Read More

Trade Facilitation Services

MEFTA, over last two years, has expanded its role to become an international business organizer and a provider of integrated trade facilitating services, from the arrangement of funds required for financing a transaction to the logistics of transporting goods to their destinations. Read More

Pulses & Legumes

MEFTA merchandises superior quality legumes, beans, peas, lentils from growers located throughout the USA, Canada, South America, Pakistan, Turkey and India. Read More