Pulses & Legumes

MEFTA merchandises superior quality legumes, beans, peas, lentils from growers located throughout the USA, Canada, South America, Pakistan, Turkey and India.


The legume market is strong and growing, and there is a constant consumer demand for these high protein healthy products. In addition, there is demand for biofuels that can be generated from the molecular structure of legumes.


Pulses are derived from the legume family and have been used for at least 5000 years as a vital core food source. Legumes are grown through a combination of expert soil management and crop rotation. Legumes are affordable environmentally sustainable and extremely healthy. Consumption of legumes is linked to lower incidents of disease and increased longevity.


Legumes are immensely popular with billions of consumers globally, and are harvested, produced and treated according to sustainability theories advocated by the major regulatory bodies. Legumes increase the levels of nitrogen in the soil and help to generate high quality organic soil for future use.

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