Trade Facilitation Services

MEFTA, over last two years, has expanded its role to become an international business organizer and a provider of integrated trade facilitating services, from the arrangement of funds required for financing a transaction to the logistics of transporting goods to their destinations.

MEFTA’s acquired expertise and up-to-date information give it the ability to select and adapt our resources to meet the particular needs of each client as well as the current realities of the market. Our skills in negotiation have been tested and refined over years in various marketplaces around the world.

Our clients can make use of our resources and expertise at any stage of a transaction. MEFTA thus offers:

  • Advising clients on adapting products, pricing and distribution to meet local needs and preferences in new markets.
  • Generation of a wealth of data on any transaction that a client may contemplate, from cost estimates to the creditworthiness of customers.
  • Negotiation of transactions on behalf of a client anywhere in the world taking into account the different cultures, customs, languages and monetary systems prevalent in that particular market.
  • Prepare all the necessary and indispensable paperwork required by each legal and regulatory jurisdiction that touches a client’s transactions.
  • Line up the funds required to set a client’s transaction in motion and oversee payment and collection at its conclusion.
  • Arrange for the logistics of transporting goods to their destinations